Thank you …


I just have to write something, I don’t know why but my heart continuously breaks into pieces.

Your dad carried you. Your mom hugged you. I felt the pain and it is deep.

I have never felt this way before, remembering all the blogs i saw and read, i remember you, I saw you before, the 3 year old teacher, picture itself cracked my heart, and chose to brush it aside. Because i know my self too well, I know i can’t handle loss.because I know this will happen to me.I’m always been curious with everything so i followed your parents’ IG (don’t worry i’m not a stalker nor a gossiper) and just wanted to see what your family a year ago looks like. I saw happiness and found you all smiling. This somehow even made me cry. My heart is not as strong as your parents. They’ve been through a lot and I admire them but how will they see themselves after your wedding.

My heart goes to your parents I know they are happy because they get to spend time with you and be one happy family and they know that you fought a good fight.

I’m writing this not because you are trending, I’m writing this because I don’t want to forget how courageous you and your family are.

I don’t want forget about you #courageouscaitie.  You are your parents miracle from heaven, my 3 year old teacher.

Soar high! Happy angel.

PS have this drafted for a week now and the subject keeps changing everyday i tried posting it.

Just a few hour ago my cousin joined our creator. Please hug him for me. His name is Daniven.

XO… Rona









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